If you have a website for your business, you absolutely must know what SEO is. You will regularly produce content for your website and it is essential to master the rules of SEO in order to get the most out of it.

Indeed, SEO ” Search Engine Optimization ” allows to optimize the positioning of a website for search engines and especially Google. The main objective is to create free qualified traffic for your platform from search engines.

What is an SEO audit? It’s a way to check the health of your website to avoid spam and see suggestions on how to optimize it. SEO audits are important for many reasons, mainly because Google frequently changes its algorithm based on new technologies and search patterns.

Conducting a thorough SEO audit is an essential starting point for any digital marketer, whether you do it in-house or outsource the task. This is because it allows you to analyze your current SEO efforts, whether prolific or sparse, and take immediate action based on that information.

The different types of SEO audits

To achieve an optimal result, several aspects are taken into account by professionals. Thus, there are globally, six forms of SEO audit.

The technical SEO audit :

The speed of loading the site;

Technical errors;

Links and other points concerning the development of the site.

Technical optimization ;

The tree structure;


The analysis of the positioning and competition

After the technical SEO audit comes the analysis of the positioning of your website on your keywords in the search engine results. As soon as a user enters a request in the engine, it analyzes the most relevant content related to the request made by the user. Note that the fastest sites are favored by search engines. This second analysis is very important when the keywords are identified. It allows you to evaluate the performance of competing sites and to know the specific keywords to use so that your site is positioned on the first page of Google.

Semantic analysis

Here, the emphasis is particularly put on the analysis of the content hosted on your site. In seo audit, semantics is essential. The contents must be rich in information and quality to catch the visitor’s attention and help him stay on the site.

It is the construction of a network of external links that redirect users to your website. It is in the light of this SEO audit that you can develop a real strategy of creation of incoming links (backlinks).

The volume, the quality and the nature of the links will directly influence your positioning in the search engine results.

The main reasons to launch a SEO audit

By opting for a natural referencing audit, you will be able to act on a natural acquisition lever of a qualified audience in addition to other communication or digital marketing actions.

However in terms of SEO, results are rarely immediate, results appear after 6 to 12 months.

When to do an SEO audit?

For the natural referencing of your website to be successful, it can intervene at different stages:

At the creation stage of your website : by accompanying the creation of your website with an SEO audit, you are sure to take into account all the parameters that will help you save time in your positioning. By calling on a specialist in internet visibility, you will be able to understand the mistakes to avoid and the actions to implement to develop your visibility. It is recommended to put your web developer in collaboration with an SEO consultant so that the work is effective.

Thanks to an audit and an SEO support, you will prepare the ground for a site with a solid creation basis, because the optimizations will be implemented as soon as your new site is launched. You will get a seo-friendly site that already takes into account the natural referencing strategies.

A first SEO audit : If you did not integrate SEO during the creation of your website, the SEO audit will correct the elements that prevent your site from being seen by the greatest number of people.

The SEO optimizations can concern both internal and external elements that influence your positioning.

How to perform an SEO audit?

You can call upon an SEO agency such as SEO.fr which will help you with an audit. At the end of this phase, it will determine the actions that can be taken to achieve the goal. The next step takes into account the actual analysis to improve performance and place your web platform in a better position. Finally, an action plan is developed to implement the proposed solutions.

The step that allows to evaluate the results of an SEO audit is the follow-up that is done as the actions are carried out.

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