Undoubtedly, today, thinking about a business that is not present in the digital world is almost impossible for a very basic reason: it would not be a profitable business. And it is that at present the internet has been installed as the center of all good techniques to make a company prosperous.

As a consequence of this, new and better marketing techniques are being implemented every day, which by the way are not always fixed and are replacing others in periods of years or months. Today in this article we will share the most used marketing tips and tricks for your website, which will help you take your website to the next level. Let’s get started!

Watch for the traffic

The world of the internet has an important aspect and it is traffic. Traffic refers to the number of users that enter your website looking for information.

However, many people may think that the more traffic their page has, the more popular they will be and undoubtedly the more profitable it will be. But that’s where they go wrong because this is not entirely true. It is clear that a page like some famous news portal will have huge traffic, but from a very specific audience. And this is the key point.

The first tip is that your website must be oriented to a very specific audience. For this, you can use free online tools such as Google Trends, which will show you what users are looking for today and how they search for it. Defining your audience will take you to the next step more positively, conversion, a topic that we will develop throughout this useful article.

You can use free online tools such as Google Trends, which will show you what users are looking for today and how they search for it.

The holy grail: content marketing

If you did not know this term, this article will be even more interesting then. You see, content marketing basically refers to creating information that is directed to a specific group that you will then try to convince – through precisely that content – that they should buy the product you offer.


A very clear example of how content marketing works is when these trendy videos appear where a person takes a very short time to talk about a useful topic. This person must do it with such skill that it should basically lead you to do two things, or to subscribe to continue receiving information, or directly to buy one of the courses or materials that they will be promoting during or at the end of their video.

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Social medias are your friend

At this point we talk about another popular strategy: digital advertising. This term is easy to understand as advertising is something we are faced with on a daily basis. In this case, one of the marketing tips for your website is to implement digital media as spaces to advertise yourself.

Facebook, YouTube and other individual pages allow users to have sponsored spaces only to promote a particular product, in this case, yours.

The most interesting thing is that, as you already know, this advertising will go directly to the audience you are looking for because, when a person clicks on some content related to yours, subscribes to your page, receives an email from your website, they will leave a record that other pages will use to also show advertising that allows the user to continue receiving information and momentarily buying a service in case your company is engaged in commerce.

The magic word: SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and basically, when someone talks about SEO optimization, they mean that the content that you generate can be easily found by users, and that it also has notoriety so that precisely the user can enter your content and not others.

As a marketing trick for your website, think about the product you are selling, let’s think that you are selling ecological shoes, when paying for a Google campaign for example, it would not be convenient to use only “ecological shoes” because imagine how many people all over the world are looking for the same,

So opt for long-tail keywords, something like “100% ecological shoes in Mexico City”, because, by doing this, you will make your content filter into many and your page will be positioned within the high competition that exists in whatever market you choose right now. Optimizing is the key!

The good old friend Email marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly another of the famous strategies to achieve a customer who, once well informed about your product, can become a buyer. Remember that all users or the vast majority of those who come to your page are potential customers, everything that takes them from that point to the end in email marketing a series of steps that we will explain below:

  • Indoctrination: The most important thing is that your messages are not directly “buy my product”. Instead, give your customer more valuable information about your brand. This is what is known as indoctrination.
  • Nutrition: even if you die to make this customer generate an immediate income, the most important thing is that these customers become knowledgeable about your products before trying them and that after they try them, they are repeat customers or small ambassadors of your product. Give information to the user about your services, clarify doubts about what problems they have, this is known as nutrition.
  • Conversion: this is the purpose of any process, conversion, to move a visitor from a potential customer to a buyer. In email marketing this should be the final stage, where there is a call to action, which will have a higher percentage of success because the customer will have had the opportunity to learn more about your product and the initial interest in him could have increased.

Invest time and money

In the other marketing tips for your website you could notice that there are free tools but also some that require an investment – which is not what you expect at all – and these will also be an important part of that process that will take you to the next level.

Your website has to be simple and aesthetic. A place where any user who enters is not overwhelmed by the absurd amount of images and undoubtedly advertising that could appear in your space if you want to use it to generate income in that way.

For this, it is inevitable to have the help of a good designer or a team that configures a space that attracts attention but also offers in an orderly way, all the information that a user is needing.

This is a very competitive world so have all the tools to participate and remember to always update yourself to be at the forefront of what happens in this complex world of digital marketing.

See you in the next article!

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    Backlinks (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links”) are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks “votes” for a specific page. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

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