How to Find a Freelancer for Your Blogger Business?

Finding someone to help you for 5 hours a week to do website updates, graphics, and content writing can often be frustrating. You know you cannot hire someone full-time,  but these extra hours to manage your blog website, you just don’t have. So how do you find these freelancers with the specific skills you need?

Right now there are many options to find freelancers. Ourselves we have 8 freelancers we work with every week and with Remote Desktop and Zoom screen sharing. You don’t even need to give your credentials to the freelancer. They just remote into your computer and do the work.

Good places to find freelancers are on platforms where they collect reviews and the website manages payment between you and the freelancer.

Here are our top recommendations:

MTurk is the polar opposite of Toptal in that it is ‘the’ micro-gigs platform for the cheapest labor. Individuals and small businesses on shoestring budgets can outsource their jobs on MTurk and get their work done at throwaway prices starting at a few cents. 

ProBlogger is a blog that hosts a job board for employers to openly broadcast job listings. It attracts the best freelance writers across the globe and is perfect for small businesses looking for content writing for their websites.

Fiverr offers micro-gigs worth $5 each and includes everything from SEO, graphics, content to website design.

 Freelancer is the most popular and the biggest crowdsourcing marketplace on the planet. It has more than 30 million registered users and sees a frenzy of activity 24/7. 

Upwork serves the freelance hiring business needs of small and medium businesses, as well as corporate entities, with its diverse pool of talent in 50+ categories, and competitive pricing packages (Source: 

99designs is the most cost-effective crowdsourcing platform for hiring freelancers in the graphics design niche. It has freelancers offering a wide variety of design services at various price points that are feasible for small businesses as well as large corporations. 

MarketerHire is an online platform that specifically caters to companies in need of marketing assistance.

If you prefer to hire locally.

Your local chamber of commerce can be a great resource for information on how to find good people to hire for your blogger business. You can go on their website and find their directory of businesses and other residents. 

Word of mouth is an effective tool when it comes to how to find good people to hire for your business. So ask around, sometimes university students are looking for 5-10 hours a week of work and they are often up to date with technology, software, and graphic design. So ask your friends and their kids if they would like to have a part-time job to add to their resume.

Whether you hire locally or worldwide. There are many options to grow your business by using freelancers. Often they can range from $5-$15 per hour and they can take care of the weekly tasks that you may not have time for. By maintaining your blog with great content and regular interaction with your target customers on social media networks, you will see your followers continue to grow.

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